Artemis Ventures Questions

Investor Relations


Resource List 
The ultimate list for anything and everything a startup company needs.
Board Reporting
Effective ways to report to your Board of Directors.
Strategic Alliances
Information and details on alliances made exclusively for our portfolio companies.
Bay Area Venture Capital Company Profiles
Profiles of 125 VC's in the San Francisco Bay Area, their investment preferences and our friends there.

AV University
Seminars Include:

  • Marketing Seminar - August 23, 2000
  • Sales Seminar - October 17, 2000
  • Engineering Seminar - January 25, 2001
  • Accounting for Startups - February 15, 2001
  • Facilities Management - March 2001
  • Corporate Identity Seminar - April 2001
  • Operational Scalibility - May 2001
Compensation Survey
Shows key hires by title, years of experience, salary, bonus, and equity percentage (including options, stock allocation by date and stock option allocation discount schedule for future employees).
Investment Plan
How and where to invest the venture capital you've raised!