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In the Summer of 2002, Artemis Ventures merged with Novus Ventures. AV Fund I will remain an independent fund, whereas AV Fund II is merged with Novus Ventures Fund II. For more information, please see the press release and visit

Artemis Ventures

About Artemis Ventures:

The Greek Goddess Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and protector of eternal youth. Much like the Greek Goddess, Artemis Ventures today works vigorously in hunting money, resources, and contacts for our portfolio companies while nurturing and protecting youthful entrepreneurs.

Let's face it. Building a business is a contact sport...raising money and choosing the right partner is no different. Artemis Ventures prides itself in making "full contact" with the entrepreneur by leveraging our rolodexes and doing "heavy lifting" during a company's nascent stages of life. We invest in startups that are often pre-VC, accelerate their growth, and then invest again in the second financing, where we bring our traditional VC friends to the table.

We relish at the opportunity to roll up our sleeves at the earliest stages, and join today's visionaries in creating solid businesses of lasting value. Working side by side with entrepreneurs as "virtual founders", Artemis Ventures contributes guidance, expertise and energy to build tomorrow's industry-leading companies.

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Our Focus:

We focus on (1) Enterprise Software & Infrastructure and (2) Communications & Network Infrastructure, supporting “real-time” enterprises. Due to our "hands on" approach, we prefer to invest in companies located in the Western Region of the United States. See our portfolio companies to see the kinds of companies we've invested in. We target companies that have the following qualities:

  • Have targeted high-growth market(s) of over $1 Billion
  • Have the ability to be leaders in their market
  • Have a core executive team
  • Have extensible, scalable, robust technology

The Artemis Ventures target portfolio company often is missing a piece of the standard VC equation. Perhaps they haven't yet completed the executive team, haven't fully developed their technology, or haven't broken through the barriers to crucial business alliance partners. These companies aren't the safest bets for traditional venture capitalists, who tell them to "come back when you get to beta" or "call when you have a customer". These entrepreneurs need the hands-on work that Artemis Ventures provides. They supply the vision ­ Artemis helps them make it a reality.

If you are interested in submitting a business plan, and you meet our criteria, please fill out our screening sheet and return it to us at

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The Artemis Ventures Difference

We believe that the best way to achieve investment success is through a process that emphasizes substantial experience in investment selection prior to commitment, and involvement with management after the investment.

Leverage is the best way we can add value. By leveraging our considerable network, we can add far more value across a wider portfolio. Some examples of our value-add include:

Portfolio Resources:

The password-protected section of our web site where our companies can access: our resource list (to find expertise and service providers for help with sales, marketing, business development, technology, recruiting, VC conferences, key members of the press); board reporting tips; lists of our VC alliances and their investment preferences; and details of our strategic alliances with key industry players.

AV University:

Continuing real world education for our startup company executives. 6+ seminars per year presented by industry professionals exclusively for Artemis Ventures. After the seminar, the PowerPoint presentations are posted on the Portfolio Resources section for downloading.

Seminars include:

  • Marketing Seminar - August 2000
  • Sales Seminar - October 2000
  • Engineering Seminar - January 2001
  • Accounting for Startups - February 2001
  • Facilities Management - April 2001
  • Intellectual Property and Patent Strategy Seminar - May 2001
  • ROI Sales, Lead Generation, and Lead Qualification Techniques - October 2001
  • Operational Scalibility - January 2002
  • Channel Sales - May 2002


We are investing our experience, skills and contacts, as well as the funds of the Partnership, in an attempt to contribute meaningfully to the success of the portfolio companies. We tell entrepreneurs that we don't pretend to know the answers to every issue and dilemma they will face, but we do believe that we are only a few telephone calls away from somebody in our expanded network of experts in technology, sales, marketing, operations, finance and recruiting who can help us to provide advice and assistance to companies on a wide range of strategic and tactical issues. In addition, we have expertise across all stages of the company lifecycle: concept, development, growth and eventual exit, including M&A and IPO experience.

Strategic Alliances:

Our ever-expanding list of strategic alliances benefit our portfolio companies directly. Alliances to date include Cisco (significant discounts on equipment purchases and preferential terms on leasing), IBM (free use of their testing lab and significant discounts on hardware), Microsoft (co-marketing and technology-integration opportunities), and Sun (co-marketing and significant discounts on hardware).

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Our Funds:

AV Fund I

AV Fund I is a fully committed $23M seed stage fund. We invested between $500,000 to $3,000,000 in the first and second rounds of financing.

AV Fund II

AV Fund II will continue on the success of AV Fund I and focus on (1) Enterprise Software & Infrastructure and (2) Communications & Network Infrastructure, supporting “real-time” enterprises. AV Fund II is being created to provide an investment opportunity for investors who would like to see a better combination of entrepreneurial and venture experience underpinning a high impact strategy for investing in and mentoring technology start-ups.

AV Fund II will target a diverse portfolio of approximately 12-15 companies. We anticipate 80% of the portfolio to be invested in seed stage companies, and 20% to be invested in opportunistic companies at varying stages. Seed stage investments will be initially up to $3,000,000 per company for an approximate 15-25% equity position and board representation. If the Company is successful, we anticipate becoming a lifecycle investor. We are targeting about 12 seed stage deals in the AV Fund II. From time to time we may come across investment opportunities that will fall outside of the above parameters. If we feel that the opportunity is unique and has high probability of a significant return, we will invest.

Artemis Ventures Fund II merged with Novus Ventures Fund II in the Summer of 2002. To learn more about the charter and investment focus, or to submit a business plan, please visit

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