Artemis Ventures Questions

We invest in startups that are often pre-VC, accelerate their growth, and then invest again in the second financing, where we bring our traditional VC friends to the table.

Our client startups typically offer Internet software and services, are seed stage startups, and maintain a high-tech, business to business focus. E-commerce, ASP's, Internet, and wireless infrastructure are our favorites.

In addition to investing, we do "heavy lifting." This is hands-on, roll up your sleeves, jump-into-the-trenches work. We can work with you in a variety of ways, based on your company's needs. The vast majority of our portfolio companies need assistance and expertise in sales, marketing, technology and/or recruiting (executive team, board of directors or advisors).

We're not going to camp on-site with you. We don't want to run your company. That's your job. We're a seasoned resource that will help you in specific areas, like structuring and cutting deals, working our rolodex to help you recruit your team without paying massive recruiting fees, defining marketing or technology strategy, structuring the sales force/compensation plans - you name it.

We love uses of the Internet. Your business doesn't have to be super-sexy. We want to work with practical companies with realistic solutions to today's business problems. We fund painkillers, not vitamins.