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  • Read "Burn Rate" - Michael Wolff
  • Read "High Tech Startup" - John Nesheim

Links to our favorite entrepreneurial sites:

The Red Herring
The latest and greatest info on what's happening in the tech industry

Venture Capital Resource Library
A great place to find just about everything an entrepreneur needs

Startup Web
John Nesheim's Web site

A great source on venture-backed companies, VC firms, and secondary sources

Broadview Associates
A cool site that tracks mergers and acquistions in the IT, communications, and media industries

A site that offers the entrepreneur everything from a little explanation of VC firms (for money) to PR firms (for exposure) to Law firms (for protection).

EDGAR Online
Your best source on the Web for SEC information on the Internet (voted a Barron's Top 20 Investment Web Site)

Cool daily email blasts:

A great newsletter that provides who's investing and the industries and models where they're investing.

Infobeat (like IDG)
Providing several newsletter lists according to topic

Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk
Jesse's daily column for ZDNet

Numerous newsletter lists for wherever your interests lie

Geoff's Gems
Recap of all the top startup stories, delivered daily

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Other resources and links to entreprenurial sites
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