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Co-Capital Team

Helen R. S. MacKenzie
Ganesh Subramanian
Susan G. Kalowski

Uzi Bar-Gadda
O. H. "Dave" Davidson
Michael A. Katz
Con Kenney

Eric S. Silverman
John C. Pound

Mas Nakachi


Helen R. S. MacKenzie co-founded Co-Capital in January 2002 to provide advisory services to limited and general partners of private equity firms and individual portfolio companies. She is also the Managing Partner of Artemis Ventures Fund. Other recent engagements have included traditional secondary sales of limited partner interests in funds, merger of two funds and sale of an entire fund by an investment bank. Prior to Co-Capital, Ms. MacKenzie worked with multiple venture capital firms, most recently as a Managing Director of SOFTBANK Technology Ventures. Subsequent and prior to that she advised managing partners of venture firms on how to manage general partner, limited partner and portfolio company relationships to maximize investor returns. She works with individual portfolio companies generally on broad business issues that include financial and market strategies, management team, governance, partnerships, including merger or acquisition candidates and liquidations. Prior to starting in the venture business, Ms. MacKenzie had been a Vice President at Bank of America managing corporate lending unit in the Silicon Valley or assessing bank and banker portfolio risk. Ms. MacKenzie is and has been a director of numerous companies and non-profit organizations.

Contact: helen@co-capital.com

Ganesh Subramanian, CFA, joined Co-Capital Partners after consulting to a range of investment banks in two general areas, providing liquidity to non-liquid assets through Securitization vehicles such as CDO and CBO; and establishing risk management methodologies such as risk based capital allocation.Ganesh has successfully co-structured and completed five major Securitization programs, with total value exceeding $2 billion, sale and swaps of numerous secured and derivative transactions. Since 1991, Ganesh has been structuring, managing or selling structured portfolios and private equity funds. Previously, Ganesh had been at Ernst & Young providing merger and acquisition advisory services and also worked with a Goldman Sachs affiliate in varied capital markets, providing liquidity to owners of private equity investments. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to manage fund of funds investing in a wide range of private equity from early state venture to buy out funds.

Contact: ganesh@co-capital.com

Susan G. Kalowski is Co-Capital Partners' Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Kalowski has 15 years experience working with various start-up and international technology and venture firms. She has provided leadership to creatively bring structure, governance and process to each organization. Prior to Co-Capital Partners, Ms. Kalowski was the Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, and Assistant Treasurer for SOFTBANK Inc. She had previously held positions as Division Controller and Senior Financial Manager at several technology companies.

Contact: sue@co-capital.com


Uzi Bar-Gadda, Ph.D., has been creating and identifying key technologies and strategic business plans to grow those technologies in both the consumer and commercial semiconductor areas for over twenty years. He founded the Philips Research Palo Alto Laboratory, invented the programmable Media processor concept, branded it TriMedia and built the business to the point it could be transferred to Phillips with 200 personnel and $60 Million in funding. He has been General Manager of Business Line Networking and currently the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for the Emerging Business Division.

O. H. "Dave" Davison has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneurial executive involved in the founding and leadership of successful information technology enterprises. He has special experience in the development of rapid growth organizations, strategic alliances, venture capital financing, and in managing the inter-organizational relationships of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. In combination, organizations he has founded and led now generate over $500 Million in annual revenues, have created many high value jobs and provided superior returns to investors. During this period he was the founder and CEO of Data Copy, Zytron, Zytron Data Systems, the Zytron Division of Dun and Bradstreet, and Iconix Corporation.

Michael A. Katz has been building businesses for 20 years. He began his career at Booz, Allen & Hamilton building a new insurance practice for them, before moving on to technology companies. Most recently, he conceived and co-designed with researchers at Stanford University a research and development laboratory for the acceleration of new ventures.

Con Kenney has been building businesses for 20 years. He began his career at Booz, Allen & Hamilton building a new insurance practice for them, before moving on to technology companies. Most recently, he conceived and co-designed with researchers at Stanford University a research and development laboratory for the acceleration of new ventures.


Eric S. Silverman co-founded Co-Capital in January 2002. From 1998-2001, Mr. Silverman served as the President of Aspen Investment Group, Inc. ("Aspen"). Prior to joining Aspen, Mr. Silverman was a serial entrepreneur, who founded a residential mortgage lender, a commercial mortgage broker, a real estate closing agency and most recently a denovo community bank. Mr. Silverman is also the non-executive Chairman of Rentgrow, Inc., a company that provides credit and information analysis tools to the rental housing industry. Mr. Silverman remains an active alumnus of MIT as a judge of the $50K entrepreneurship competition. Mr. Silverman also serves as a board member of two non-profit organizations.

John C. Pound, Ph.D. co-founded Co-Capital in January 2002. Dr. Pound has served as President and a director of Integrity Partners, Inc., a merchant bank that invests in publicly held specialty retail and branded consumer products companies. Prior to starting Integrity Partners, Dr. Pound advised large pension groups such as CalPERS on investing in alternative assets. Dr. Pound consulted to numerous corporations on corporate governance issues. He also worked with significant, dissident, shareholders of major corporate entities who were involved in hostile takeovers. Dr. Pound was an advisor to The Trinity Fund I, L.P. and its general partner. From 1987 to 1997, Dr. Pound taught corporate finance and corporate governance at Harvard University. Dr. Pound has been a director of numerous companies.


Mas Nakachi has extensive experience in various segments of the financial services industry and has been involved with numerous technology iniatives as well. He is currently a Senior Analyst with Calypso Technology, Inc., a financial technology company developing state-of-the-art derivatives trading systems for global financial institutions, where he specializes in Credit Derivatives, Interest Rate Derivatives, and Structured Finance. Prior to his involvement with Calypso, he co-founded Bay Harbor Partners, a private equity advisory firm focused on the secondary market for venture capital and private equity interests and served in associate and product management roles at other private equity and technology companies, respectively. Mr. Nakachi started his career in research and Sales and Trading of fixed-income and fixed-income derivatives products. He earned a B.S. in Finance and Philosophy from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

Contact: mas_nakachi@calypso.com


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