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Co-Capital Investment Partners

Co-Capital Partners looks for experienced investors with an intelligent strategy and a defined competitive advantage. Many times, these investors will have gained experience in other venture firms or large operating companies that had venture programs. They want to focus their investing time into a particular industry sector or stage allowing them the opportunity to use their extensive networks and increase their expertise in a particular industry. This is a niche market in the overall private equity world just as a seed fund is to the panoply of private equity funds.

Due diligence for primary and secondary investments in private equity funds whether they be seed stage through buyout remains consistent. Neither the process nor the factors to be considered change, rather the lenses or filter changes depending upon the investment strategy. Co-Capital Partners starts with as wide a funnel as possible, meaning we want to talk to every new manager in every market, especially those in markets considered to be niche.

Our due diligence process is designed to evaluate how well the general partner team sources quality deals, structures and negotiates good transactions, monitors its investments and exits at the appropriate time for limited and general partners. In addition to evaluating the deal process, Co-Capital Partners will also evaluate the probability that the entire management team will outlive the fund, distributions in kind will outlive the lockup and a subsequent fund will be likely for this team.

Highlights of the process are as follows:
  • Meeting with potential investment manager.
  • Preliminary screening for concentration of risk in managers or underlying portfolio, size of fund, fit with strategy and existing investments.
  • Should the fund pass the screening, request necessary information to perform due diligence and evaluate investment opportunity. (PPM, presentations, agreements, track records, resumes, referrals, GP terms, management company details). Begin due diligence process.
  • Perform additional quantitative and qualitative due diligence to include multiple manager meetings, reference calls and other analysis in order to complete evaluation and make investment decision.

See the Co-Capital Due Diligence Presentation for more details on our extensive due diligence process.

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